Which is more obscene, optimism or hope?

Each of these dispositions stems from the desire for an outcome. The optimistic parent and the hopeful parent both desire the recovery of their sick child, but the phenomenon of the optimistic parent is only possible with favorable odds. Optimism cannot exist in…

Better to locate your identity elsewhere

There is considerable disagreement, if not sheer confusion, about the signification of the ism of veganism. What does it signify? Or better said, what can it, or perhaps should it, signify?

problems with taste-based advocacy

It is not just the practice of inequality that contributes to environmental and transspecies violence; it is the construction and persistence of ideas that maintain these inequalities.

David Naguib Pellow, Total Liberation

“Pragmatic” vegan advocacy can entrench the assumptions of the audience, confirming the very ideas…

Jonathan Dickstein

PhD candidate, UC Santa Barbara

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